Payday loan of 60 days with repayment in 2 months

Only few companies give payday loans with a 60-day repayment period, but virtually all allow for the extension of the repayment period.

Obtaining a payday with a 60-day repayment period is not a major problem because we will get it from most companies providing payday loans. Although the majority of companies have a basic repayment period of 30 days, we can still use the option of extending the repayment period by another 30 days, which gives us 60 days of repayment.

Today, however, I will not deal with all companies where we borrow a payday for 60 days and only those in which we get such a loan at the cheapest price. It is not an art to borrow and the art is to borrow cheaply.

60-day payday

60-day payday


An overview of companies in which a 60-day payday is available should be started without any problems from Wongi, as it is in this company that we borrow the cheapest, but on condition that we are a new customer of the company and we borrow for the first time. In this situation, we can take advantage of special promotional conditions under which we will get the first loan with a 60-day repayment period for only PLN 10. This is because the total cost of the loan is addressed to new borrowers.

In the case of the first loan in Zongga we can borrow PLN 750 and no matter what date we choose from the range of 7 to 60 days for a loan we will pay PLN 10. People from 18 years of age who already have an ID card, a bank account and obtain a fixed income can apply for a loan in Zongga.

Another attractive 60 day payday offers should be sought among companies that offer other promotional terms, namely 30-day loans for 0 PLN for new customers. Using this promotion, the first day’s payday is free and then to extend the repayment period by another 30 days, we make an extension by sending a transfer for a specific amount to the loan company’s account. These costs for the extension are different depending on the company from the offer that we will have the opportunity to use. If we look for the cheapest one, we will find one for example in Hypocredit

Hypocredit offers up to 1,600 zlotys at the first loan and it is with this first loan that we use the available promotion of the first loan for PLN 0 for a period of 30 days. The cost of extending the repayment period by another 30 days depends on the amount we borrowed – the higher it is, the higher the fee for the extension will be. Below are some examples of calculations according to Hypocredita offers:

PLN 500 loan, first 30 days for PLN 0 (for new clients), extension for 30 days: PLN 95
PLN 1000 loan, first 30 days for PLN 0 (for new clients), extension for 30 days: PLN 190
loan PLN 1,600, first 30 days for PLN 0 (for new clients), extension for 30 days: PLN 304