Payday Loan Consolidation from Switzerland

Many people see Swiss credit as their last lifeline. Especially if they were rejected because of their negative Private credit entries and the associated debts of German institutes. But a payday loan consolidation from Switzerland is only available under certain conditions. After all, even the Swiss have no money to give away and therefore check very closely who they entrust their money.

When a payday loan consolidation from Switzerland is possible

When a loan despite debts from Switzerland is possible

The advantage of a payday loan consolidation from Switzerland lies solely in the fact that the Swiss banks can not start a Private credit query. Only German banks and companies have access to the information file. All foreign companies and banks must rely on information provided by their clientele and may require other collateral. And that’s exactly what the Swiss banks are doing.

So a loan there is possible up to 3,500 euros. The banks also require a fixed employment contract and a high income. In addition, the loan is secured with relatively high interest rates. It proves to be positive if you offer the bank a guarantor right from the beginning. And collateral in the form of valuables or real estate is always welcome.

In order for the banks to be able to pledge in case of non-payment, the employer must be indicated. In most cases, a contract regarding the salary assignment is signed with the credit agreement. If a payment default occurs, the bank can seize the salary in a quick process. A fact that should never be lost sight of.

A payday loan consolidation from Switzerland is therefore worthwhile only if the existing debts are not too high, so that the loan can be serviced every month. In addition, there should be no seizure, because in such a case anyway you can only keep a certain part of the income.

So it could be that the loan amount would be seized immediately. The last thing to try is to take out the loan without an intermediary. A contact to a Swiss bank can also be made on your own. There is no need for a mediator who collects a commission for this. So you save money and can negotiate the conditions yourself.